Vicky Colbert

Founder and Director, Fundación Escuela Nueva

Vicky Colbert is Founder and Director of Fundación Escuela Nueva, and original co-author of the Escuela Nueva (New School) pedagogical model, known worldwide for its proven effectiveness in improving the quality and relevance of basic education. Initiated in Colombia, Escuela Nueva became a national policy reaching over 20,000 rural schools. To date, Escuela Nueva has been adapted to urban and internally displaced populations, and has been implemented in 16 countries, reaching over five million children.

Vicky has developed, expanded and sustained this innovation from different organisational spheres, as the first Escuela Nueva National Coordinator, Vice-Minister of Education of Colombia, UNICEF’s Regional Education Adviser for the Latin American and Caribbean Region and, now, from Fundación Escuela Nueva, an NGO she founded to expand Escuela Nueva and to ensure its quality and sustainability in Colombia and abroad.

Vicky has a BA in Sociology and two MAs in Sociology of Education and Comparative International Education from Stanford University (USA), is a recognized social entrepreneur of the Schwab Foundation and Ashoka, and has received several awards like the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, the Clinton Global Citizenship Award, the WISE Award in Pluralism and the Kravis Prize in Leadership.