Sergio Oceransky

The Yansa Group

Sergio Oceransky founded in 2008 The Yansa Group, a not-for-profit wind developer that partners with indigenous, peasant and fisherfolk communities to harness and sell their renewable energy resources, creating a stream of income that supports robust and diversified local development. An Ashoka fellow and social activist, Sergio’s main concern is to turn the transition to renewable energy into a driver for community empowerment and social justice.

Yansa’s initial project is a partnership with the Zapotec indigenous community of Ixtepec in Oaxaca, to establish Mexico’s first community-based, large-scale wind farm. Community members will maintain control over their land and enjoy the economic, environmental and social benefits that the production of clean and renewable energy will create. The community of Ixtepec democratically decides how the wind energy profits are to be utilized.

By creating common interest through community partnerships, the transition to renewable energy can be accelerated, unfolding more efficiently, democratically, and sustainably.