Randolph Kent

Director, Planning from the Futures Project

Dr. Randolph Kent is the Director of the Planning from the Futures Project, a joint initiative with the Overseas Development Institute and Tufts University. Previously, he directed the Humanitarian Futures Programme at King’s College, London until 2014. The programme, established at the end of 2005, was designed to help enhance the adaptive and anticipatory capacities of humanitarian organizations to deal with the types of threats that need to be faced in the future.

He accepted his more recent posts after completing his assignment as UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia in April 2002. Prior to his assignment in Somalia, he served as UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Kosovo [1999], UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Rwanda [1994-1995], Chief of the IASC’s Inter-Agency Support Unit [1992-1994], Chief of the UN Emergency Unit in Sudan [1989-1991] and Chief of Emergency Prevention and Preparedness in Ethiopia [1987-1989].