Martin Burt

Founder and CEO, Fundación Paraguaya

Martin Burt is founder (1985) and CEO of Fundación Paraguaya. He is currently developing two social innovations: self-sufficient schools for chronically unemployed rural youth and the “Poverty Stoplight”, a methodology which allows poor families to self-diagnose their level of poverty across 6 dimensions and develop a customized plan to overcome not only income-poverty, but also deprivations in 50 indicators. He is visiting professor in Social Entrepreneurship at the American University of Nigeria and Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Tulane University. He is author of books on economics, development, education and poetry. He is recipient of numerous awards: Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship; Skoll Foundation; Avina Foundation; Nestlé 2012 Shared Value Award; UNESCO; Global Development Network GDN; BBC World Challenge; Synergos and Eisenhower Fellowships. Formerly he was elected Mayor of Asunción and served as Vice Minister of Commerce and Chief of Staff to the President of Paraguay