Liz David-Barrett

Director of the Centre for the Study of Governance and Transparency, Kellogg College

Liz David-Barrett is Director of the Centre for the Study of Governance and Transparency at Kellogg College and a Research Fellow at Said Business School. She works on political conduct, relations between business and governments and political corruption. One stream of her research is concerned with how companies manage corruption risk, particularly with a view to the legal risks posed by anti-bribery laws and the practical difficulties of operating in countries where corruption is rife. Another research stream focuses on how best to regulate the conduct of politicians, particularly in the context of legislatures in democratising countries. A third stream looks at how transparency tools can be used to reduce corruption, for example, through the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. With a background in political science, including a DPhil from Oxford, Liz started her professional life working for various London think-tanks and a political risk consultancy. She also worked in journalism, writing on Croatia for The Economist, and was a frequent contributor to the Financial Times, Business Central Europe, and the BBC World Service, writing on political economy and business in South-eastern Europe.