Judith Randel

Judith Randel

Co-Founder, Development Initiatives

Judith Randel is the co-founder of Development Initiatives, an independent organisation set up to use data and information to end poverty. All her work is done together with DI co-founder, Tony German and includes the Reality of Aid reports from 1992 – 2000, the Global Humanitarian Assistance Reports from 2000, Investments to End Poverty 2013 and the data used to monitor G8 commitments. For the last two years Judith and Tony have been working on The P20 Initiative: Data to leave no one behind. The P20 Initiative is focused on the people in the poorest 20% globally and their inclusion in progress.

Transparency and access to information has been a consistent theme, including the establishment of the International Aid Transparency Initiative and transparency on domestic and international resources and access to information.

Judith is a regular speaker and moderator on issues around data and poverty. She has a distinguished masters from the University of Bath and is on the Council for the Institute of Development studies; she was part of the Chronic Poverty Research Centre for ten years, served on the Africa Partnership Initiative, DAC Expert Panel on the future of ODA and the Programme Committee of the first UN World Data Forum.