Jephter Mwanza

Advocacy and Social Accountability Specialist, Malawi

Mr. Jephter Calckins Mwanza is an Advocacy and Social Accountability Specialist and Rural Development Practitioner currently head of the Kalondolondo Programme in Malawi. He has a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics. Kalondolondo is a community based monitoring programme that assesses citizens satisfaction with delivery of government services in health, education, water and sanitation and agriculture sectors using the ‘Community Scorecard Methodology.’ It also assesses delivery in decentralized funding mechanisms like the Local Development Fund and Constituency Development Fund. Under his leadership, Kalondolondo has had a lot of influence on decision making in Malawi at district, sub-district and national level, including improved access to inputs provided under the Farm Subsidies Programme, improved protection of rights of beneficiaries of farm subsidies, reduced child labour tendencies in primary school construction projects and in decentralised project management, increased community participation in decentralised projects and a generally improved and responsive service delivery to the feedback and expressed needs of citizens in rural areas.

Mr Mwanza has also worked as Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for the European Union Microprojects programme, Development Economist for the European Union Delegation to Malawi, Lecturer in Research Methods, Monitoring and Evaluation at the Natural Resources College and as consultant at MODA consultants in Malawi and later as a freelance consultant on a wide scope of work including HIV and AIDS, livelihoods, agriculture, decentralisation and health systems. He has 11 years’ working experience.