Ivan Campbell

Senior Conflict & Security Advisor for Saferworld

Ivan began working in conflict-affected states in Central Africa in 1994 and spent the next ten years in Burundi, Rwanda and the DRC supporting a range of dialogue and confidence-building processes. Following five years managing International Alert’s Great Lakes Programme, Ivan was appointed Head of Saferworld’s Africa Programme in 2005. For the next four years he led Saferworld’s work in East Africa – focusing on Kenya, Uganda, Somalia and South Sudan – helping to establish Saferworld as one of the leading peacebuilding NGOs in the region. In 2009 Ivan took up his current post as Senior Conflict & Security Advisor for Saferworld. In this capacity he provides support and technical advice to Saferworld programmes on a range of peacebuilding issues in different contexts. This includes supporting local actors to strengthen security at the community level, and linking this to more inclusive and accountable security sectors; enabling civil society to engage in national and international debates and policy processes on peace and security; and promoting a community-led approach to conflict sensitive development. Ivan also leads Saferworld’s policy engagement with emerging global actors, such as India, Brazil, South Africa and Turkey, exploring how their increasing engagement in conflict-affected states affects peace and security, and with a particular focus on their role in the negotiation and realisation of peace-related aspects of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Issue areas/specialisms: conflict-sensitive development, security sector transformation, inclusive political processes, global conflict prevention policy

Geographical expertise: Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, China, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, Egypt, Georgia

Academic qualifications: BA from Oxford, MA from the University of East Anglia