Fredrik Galtung

Chief Executive Officer, Integrity Action

Over the past 20 years, Fredrik has consulted on strategic corruption control in more than 40 countries, working with governments, international organisations (Council of Europe, World Bank, UN Secretariat, UNDP, UNESCO, Unicef, UN Office of Drugs and Crime, etc.), several companies, foundations and governments and development agencies. Fredrik is considered one of the foremost experts on measurements and metrics pertaining to corruption, fraud and organisational integrity.

Fredrik is the founder of the Integrity Education Network which started as a joint project with the Central European University. IEN comprises more than 400 universities in 60 countries intent on developing an effective teaching, training and research programme in the field of public integrity. He also started the Network for Integrity in Reconstruction, a group of NGOs and policy makers from post-war countries who address the integrity and corruption challenges of reconstruction. He is fluent in six languages and is a Norwegian national.