David Bonbright

Founder and Chief Executive, Keystone Accountability

Mr Bonbright, a human rights lawyer, is founder and chief executive of Keystone Accountability, an international charity dedicated to bringing ‘Constituent Voice’ to governance and performance management for social impact. In the early 1990s, he founded and led two African citizen sector resource centres, one relating to organisational and sectorial development (the Development Resources Centre, Johannesburg) and one relating to information and technology (SANGONeT, Johannesburg). As a grantmaker and executive with Aga Khan Foundation (1997-2004), Ashoka: Innovators for the Public (1994-1997), Oak Foundation (1988-1990), and Ford Foundation (1983-1987), David evolved and demonstrated innovative multi-stakeholder approaches to sustainable development as an alternative to prevailing bureaucratic, top-down models. He has successfully caused systemic change at the national level in two countries, with influence traceable across the world, forging networks and mobilising tens of millions of pounds along the way. He is a regular contributor to professional journals, and has authored and co-authored a number of reports and books, including, Creating an Enabling Legal Framework for Nonprofit Organizations in Pakistan (Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy, 2003), Enhancing Indigenous Philanthropy for Social Investment (Aga Khan Development Network, 2000), Philanthropy in Pakistan (Aga Khan Development Network, 2000), and Leading Public Entrepreneurs (Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, 1997). David sits on a number of boards, advisory councils and knowledge networks. He is the past board chair of CIVICUS Global Alliance for Citizen Participation, which he chairs.