Amr Lashin

Governance & Civic Program Director, CARE international, Egypt

Amr Lashin the Governance & Civic Program Director at CARE international in Egypt, which works to empower local communities to take part in local decision making process and working with local government bodies provide the required enabling environment.

Together with his team, Amr has been overseeing the implementation of several local, national and regional projects that are bringing new social accountability tools and approaches to the region. These projects are being implemented in close partnership and cooperation with central and local government, inter-ministerial committees, civil society organizations, media institutions and citizens, particularly women and young people.

Amr holds a Bachelor Degree from the Faculty of Urban & Regional Planning, Cairo University. Having more than 15 years of accomplishment experience in the fields of Urban, Environmental, social and Economic development. Also he gained a good experience in local administration & civil society organizational assessment and capacity strengthen; while working with several local, national, multinational organizations, donors and development partners.