Amjad Mohamed-Saleem

Peace and Security Forum

Amjad is a political analyst with expertise in Humanitarian and Development Issues, Peacebuilding & Interfaith Dialogue and South Asia with specific expertise on Sri Lanka. He is part of the steering committee of the Peace and Security Forum, an initiative by the Malaysian and Qatari Governments. Amjad is also the UK representative for the Civil Society Advisory Committee of The Commonwealth Foundation, as well as a trustee of UK NGO BUILD, which works on building partnerships in International Development. He is currently a free lance consultant and a visiting fellow at the Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies, Malaysia. He was previously head of communications for The Cordoba Foundation, a Muslim inspired think and do tank based in the UK, also leading on their ‘Conflicts Program’. He served as Country Director for British NGO, Muslim Aid in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh from 2005 – 2009 where he worked on post disaster and conflict reconstruction and rehabilitation. He has been a part time lecturer on International Development and Civil Society at the University of East London and Lawrence Tech University in Michigan.

In 2011 Amjad was awarded a place on the prestigious International Visitors Leadership Program, the flagship professional exchange program run by the US State Department. He is a regular contributor to online journals and websites and has appeared on news programmes of Al Jazeera and BBC. He has also published a book on the Aceh Peace Process and contributed chapters to ‘Cosmopolitanism, Religion and the Public Sphere’; ‘Sustainable Development in South Asia: Shaping the Future’; ‘Shariah & Microfinance’ and ‘The World of Prayer’

He has an M.Eng from Imperial College, an MBA from U21 Global Singapore and is currently pursuing a part time PhD from Exeter University on ‘Muslim Identity in Post Conflict Sri Lanka’.