Adrio Bacchetta

Humanitarian action and non-profit management professional

An engineer by professional background, Adrio has worked in the field of humanitarian action and non-profit management since 1997. He has occupied management positions at project, country, regional operational portfolio and executive director level. He has worked on a wide range of humanitarian assistance projects implemented in Central, South and East Asia, Latin America, Europe, South and Central Africa.

Adrio is experienced in the areas of governance, organisational strategy, change management and evaluation. He has in-depth knowledge of international/transnational NGO structures, humanitarian policy and operational management. As a manager, Adrio has been involved in the direct oversight of fundraising, finances, communication, IT and human resource development. He is skilled in the facilitation and design of workshops, seminars and conferences.

In September 2008 he established himself as an independent consultant and is the founder of Sandstone Consulting. Adrio has completed consultancies in Asia, Africa, and the Americas working with a number of organisations, including Transparency International, Wikimedia, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Greenpeace International, Action Aid International and the Transparency and Accountability Initiative.